Window Film: How to Install

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How Do I Install Window Film?

Window Film is quite easy to install for the average person, as the steps below will explain.

First of all, you’ll need the following tools:

• Hard Card Squeegee
• Knife
• Soapy Water in a Spray Bottle
• Glass Scraper (optional)
• Lint Free Cloth or Kitchen Paper

You can purchase an installation kit, which has everything you need. Once you have your tools, follow the below steps.


1. Clean the Windows Thoroughly

clean windows to prepare for installation of window film

You will need to create a soapy water solution in the spray bottle, which consists of 1 tablespoon of washing up liquid, per 1 pint of cold water. Give the bottle a shake and spray all over the window. Using the glass scraper, carefully scrape the glass to remove any tough dirt or paint. Take the cloth and clean over once more. The glass needs to be completely clean with no dirt, as small bubbles will form when the installation is complete. This step is recommended to be completed twice to ensure the glass is very clean.


2. Measure the Film & Remove the Backing Liner

removing window film release linerIf your film is much larger than required, you’ll need to cut it slightly over sized first. You can do this by rolling the film out onto a clean flat surface and cut with scissors.

Now, you need to remove the backing liner to reveal the adhesive. Stick 2 bits of sticky tape onto both sides of a corner to separate the 2 layers. As you are removing the backing liner, you will need to spray the sticky side of the film to stop it from sticking to itself. If the film sticks to itself, it will render the film unusable.


3. Applying the Window Film to the Glass

installing decorative window filmOnce the backing liner has been removed and the sticky side has been sprayed with the soapy water, you will need to thoroughly spray the window with soapy water to create a slip for the film so that it can move around without sticking. When this is done, you can apply the film onto the window, being careful to move it around to avoid any creases.



installing your window film

Take your squeegee and starting from the center, move outwards to get the film in a position where it is completely flat against the window with no bubbles. Don’t worry about the edges too much as this stage.




3. Trimming the Edges of the Film

cutting your window film

You will now need to remove the excess from the edges of the film. You can do this by simply taking the knife and following the frame of the window. You can also use a straight edge to make it easier, or if you’re finding it hard to follow the frame.

Once this has been done, take the squeegee and again, starting from the center, remove all water from behind the film and removing any water bubbles that may be present. Use kitchen paper or cloth to wipe down the edges to avoid the water going back under the film.

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